Project | New Build


Cambie Space 



  • Location
    Vancouver, East of Main
  • Project
  • Client
    Renovation/Spec Home
  • Completion
    August 2020
  • Lot Size
    25 x 122 Feet


The new interior now takes advantage of an entirely different layout, with updated finishes throughout. At West 14th we transformed a 1 bedroom 1/5 bathroom suite on to a 2 bedroom, 2 full baths in the Vancouver Area. Modern touches include all new oak wood floors, raising the ceiling height to 9’ ceilings and smoothing the popcorn areas, an integrated media space – which is tied to fit the oak of the kitchen, helping to make the space feel large, rich, modern and bright. One of the most effective changes in a 1990 condo renovation is to paint the window frames. This process at first might not seem tempting as the window frames are aluminum and most people are afraid of the durability of the paint. For this reason, we always recommend going towards a darker colour. Here our in-house designer has chosen the colour wrought Iron (charcoal) colour

“I had the good fortune of buying a condo in the spring of 2019 that had been renovated by Alvan Homes. After viewing condos that were poorly constructed and were lacking space, functionality and distinction, it was very gratifying to finally find one that was so creatively modernized. What they had done to the space was transformative, inviting and uplifting. So much attention had been paid to every little detail to make the condo feel solid, spacious, aesthetic as well as practical and liveable. Extra care had been given to lighting, to flooring, design elements including window frames and door handles as well as real storage in each room. They had an incredible eye for both aesthetics and practicality and were able to integrate the two so that each room came to life in a magical way. Nothing felt ordinary. I felt that I got the sizzle but also the steak. I look forward to coming home to my condo at the end of each day. It grounds me and inspires me. I would highly recommend Alvan Homes for a design/build, especially if you are looking for a modern and streamlined look. Their pursuit of excellence is multi-faceted and brings results that are difficult to find.” — KAITLYN LF



Master Bathroom Renovation: with minor changes, you can achieve significant results. Here at West 14th, we opened up the ceiling by the vanity wall, 6” to create a drop for recessed lighting. One element of surprise in most 1990 renovations is what you can find under the drywall. in many situation what you find is SPACE. here we have used this space to create a drop for recessed lighting. we used the same sink and faucet to keep the cost down and spent the money replacing the blue paint colour with black 3×9 tiles from Julian Tiles. Also replaced the floor with modern black and white terrazzo tiles. The light and mirror are from CB2.