Construction & Project Management in Vancouver

Superior craftsmanship and superior quality during any construction throughout Vancouver

Since Alvan Homes is a one-stop-shop renovation company, save yourself the stress of managing multiple contractors and save money when you don’t have to pay multiple companies for design and construction work. Alvan Homes’ construction teams are committed not only to quality, but also sustainability practices. All our building techniques, technologies, and materials are zero waste, as well as structurally sound so the final home can be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Only looking for help with construction or project management?

We provide construction and project management as both individual services and as part of a larger renovation package. 

The Alvan Homes Process 

Construction Step 1: Demolition, excavation, and servicing

Our construction teams remove any existing structure, test for hazardous materials, and will always deconstruct when possible vs. demolish to remain sustainable and reuse and reclaim materials.

Construction Phase 2: Laying foundations

This step includes forming up the concrete foundations and incorporating methods to keep water away from the concrete such as damp-proofing, draining, and installing a ‘drain tile’. 

Construction Phase 3: Framing and windows

We measure and install the framing and windows of your new home.

Construction Phase 4: Plumbing and electrical rough-in

We set up your home with proper plumbing, ventilation, and electrical, following Vancouver fire codes.

Construction Phase 5: Drywall and painting 

We install drywall, cutting holes for light fixtures and plugins, as well as a layer of drywall mud to the joints and corners.

Contraction  Phase 6: Millwork and finishes

Contraction  Phase 7: Completion items

We’ll cross our ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s to ensure everything is up to the highest construction standards.

Contraction  Phase 8: Post occupancy check up

We’ll visit your home after you’re moved in to ensure everything is working just the way it should be. 


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